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Trading Conditions

Forex Trading Conditions

Currency PairNicknameECN with low spread+8USDVIPStandard
Mini SpreadAverageMini SpreadAverageMini SpreadAverage
US Dollar vs Swiss FrancUSDCHF0.
Great Britain Pound vs US DollarGBPUSD0.
Euro vs US DollarEURUSD0.
US Dollar vs Japanese YenUSDJPY0.
US Dollar vs Canadian DollarUSDCAD0.
Australian Dollar vs US DollarAUDUSD0.
Euro vs Great Britain PoundEURGBP0.
Euro vs Australian DollarEURAUD0.
Euro vs Swiss FrancEURCHF0.
Euro vs Japanese YenEURJPY0.
Great Britain Pound vs Swiss FrancGBPCHF0.
Canadian Dollar vs Japanese YenCADJPY0.
Great Britain Pound vs Japanese YenGBPJPY0.
Australian Dollar vs New Zealand DollarAUDNZD0.
Australian Dollar vs Canadian DollarAUDCAD0.
Australian Dollar vs Swiss FrancAUDCHF0.
Australian Dollar vs Japanese YenAUDJPY0.
Swiss Franc vs Japanese YenCHFJPY0.
Euro vs New Zealand DollarEURNZD0.
Euro vs Canadian DollarEURCAD0.
Canadian Dollar vs Swiss FrancCADCHF0.
New Zealand Dollar vs Japanese YenNZDJPY0.
New Zealand Dollar vs US DollarNZDUSD0.
US Dollar vs Singapore DollarUSDSGD0.
Euro vs Singapore DollarEURSGD0.
Great Britain Pound vs Australian DollarGBPAUD0.
Great Britain Pound vs Canadian DollarGBPCAD0.
Great Britain Pound vs New Zealand DollarGBPNZD0.
New Zealand Dollar vs Canadian DollarNZDCAD0.
New Zealand Dollar vs Swiss FrancNZDCHF0.
US Dollar vs Polish ZlotyUSDPLN0.020.225.426.229.430.2
Euro vs Polish ZlotyEURPLN0.020.225.426.229.430.2
US Dollar vs Chinese RMBUSDCNH0.03.611.412.617.418.6
Euro vs Norwegian KronerEURNOK0.024.635.036.643.044.6
Euro vs Swedish KronaEURSEK0.019.630.031.638.039.6
US Dollar vs Hong Kong DollarUSDHKD0.03.614.015.622.023.6
US Dollar vs Norwegian KronerUSDNOK0.016.627.028.635.036.6
US Dollar vs Swedish KronaUSDSEK0.016.627.028.635.036.6

Notes to Tables

Our Foreign Exchange transactions provide clients with exposure to changes in exchange rates, but they are all cash settlement contracts. They cannot result in the delivery of the underlying currencies.

  • Normal dealing hours for all pairs are from 22:00 (GMT) on Sunday until 22:00 (GMT) on Friday.
  • The standard transaction size is one contract. Transactions above trading account types can be in fractions of a contract.
  • mogaFX operates floating spreads, therefore the spreads are subject to variation by market fluctuation, especially in volatile market conditions. mogaFX reserves the right to amend and change trading spreads.
  • When you trade in a currency other than your default currency, your profit or loss will be realised in that currency. As standard practice, we will then immediately convert this back to your default currency.
  • mogaFX will not charge any additional commission unless there is written agreement between Agents and Clients.
  • Due to the effects of interest rates on different currencies, the system will calculate rollover rates for Foreign Exchange transactions. These are posted to the client's account daily for any position opened before 22:00 that is still open after 22:00.

Rollover rates are calculated as follows:
S = L * P * D * V

  • S= rollover amount
  • L= contract lot size
  • P= rollover rate (pips) of CFD products
  • D= days of calculated rollover rates
  • V= the value of each pip for a CFD product

Rollover rates differ between different trading currency pairs. Please refer to mogaFX's MT4 trading platform for more information. mogaFX reserves the right to amend algorithms used for calculating rollover rates.

NOTE: For any position opened before 22:00 on Wednesday that is still open after 22:00 on Wednesday, the daily interest credit or debit will be made for three days as opposed to one day. This three-day adjustment covers settlement of trades over the weekend.

Investors can see trading rollover rates on the MT4 trading platform.

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