*referred as “MP” below*

Every deposit of USD 1,000 gets 10 MP.

Per deposit of USD 10,000 can get not only 100 MP but also an extra 50 MP.

Trade every standard lot to get 10 MP.

Share any content on MOGA official website (press releases, promotions, education videos, MOGA Point Rewarding Mall web page…etc.) to your personal social media platform (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter…etc.) to get 1 MP.

Leave positive comments or posts on forex forums/websites/personal social media platform/MOGA social media platform to get 2 MP.

Each account can get at most 10 MP per month.

Please provide the link to the post and your MOGA account to your account manager within 4 days after posting on your social media platform. Overdue application is not accepted.

Terms & Conditions

  • MP has no expiration date and is accumulative. To look up current MP, please go to your account manager or apply via inbox message.
  • MP can be exchanged for either (1) the prizes or (2) equivalent amount of bonus. If you choose to exchange for bonus, the bonus is only for trading, and cannot be withdrawn or intra-transferred to other account. The bonus will be deposited automatically into your account within 3 days after the application.
  • MOGA Point Reward Mall is only for standard and VIP account. (1) MAM, (2) EA, (3) CFDs, (4) position under 5 mins, (5) copy trading and (6) those accounts which have additional spreads and commissions are not available. Hedging orders can only be calculated as single order.
  • MOGA Point Reward Mall is only available for new deposits. Intra-transfer and commission transfer are not accepted.
  • The calculation of MP starts from 14.01.2022. The original account balance will not be counted into calculation and is free of withdrawal. As for the new deposit for MOGA Point Reward Mall, it cannot be withdrawn for 30 days to avoid irregular MP collection. Otherwise the rewarded MP will be withdrawn by MOGA.
  • MOGA will take back all bonuses, prizes and profits if the rewarded MP is abused for abnormal trading of speculation or irregular prizes, bonus and commission collection. Discretion of above abnormal trading is owned by MOGA technical team, and MOGA reserves the rights at its sole discretion.
  • The rewarded MP or bonus will be withdrawn by MOGA if:
    • There is a withdrawal within 30 days after receiving MP,
    • MP has already been exchanged for trading bonus.
  • Bonus/Prize Exchange: Account holders who meet the reward qualifications ought to go to your account manager or apply via inbox message to exchange bonus or prizes promptly. All participated accounts must be reviewed by MOGA when applying for bonus or prizes.
  • The prize will be delivered within 14 workdays after submitting the application. The delivery time varies from time zone and region difference. If there is any imposed tariff, it should be paid by the receiver. Please pay attention to relevant message.
  • MOGA Point Reward Mall is ONLY for clients under St. Vincent regulation. There will not be any rewarded MP if clients excluded from St. Vincent regulation participate in this service.
  • To get sign-up MP bonus, please provide the link to the post/reviews/comment and your MOGA account to your account manager for MOGA to confirm.
    • The confirmation time takes 3-5 workdays. If confirmed, MP will be automatically delivered. For further information, please go to your account manager.
    • Positive post/reviews/comment is recognized on different platforms and must contain different contents. Same contents can only be counted once on the same platform.
    • If any fake or speculation occurs and causes the confirmation to fail, there will not be further notice. The rewarded MP will also be withdrawn.
  • MOGA reserves the rights of final interpretation of this service and can update or modify these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.

2022 ver 2